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Americans Moving to the Sunshine State

With it's almost perfect weather (could be a bit hot in the summer), no state taxes, amazing beaches, plenty of cultural diversity, and so much more... It's no surprise that Americans are moving to Florida as one of the new hot relocation destinations according to U-hual and Zillow.

"Florida remains competitive, especially during the COVID era," said Miguel Caminos, U-Haul Company of Orlando president. "We've pushed through and business is thriving. It's not just people moving to Florida, but businesses moving because they see better opportunities here."

Florida is not just a place you come to retire anymore (but you certainly can and should.) It is a place you come as a young professional, a family, or possibly all with an early retirement to enjoy life a bit more. I speak from personal experience since I moved here with my family. Life has been great and not having to shovel snow has been a huge plus.

Thinking of moving to Florida? I can help you move to paradise!

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