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Exclusive Services

As a full-service realtor, I offer the following services and more:

  • Comparative market analysis: When you’re ready to sell a house, I can find the ideal price to list your property based on the market prices of the homes in your area.

  • Publicity: When you put your home on the market, I can provide pictures of the property, advertisements, signage, flyers, and open houses to get prospective buyers to take a look.


  • Property management: If you need to update some of the features of your home or get it inspected, cleaned, or landscaped, I can locate vetted professionals to provide such services for you.


  • Listings: Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting, I can manage the listing for your home or search listings for properties that meet your requirements.


  • Negotiation: Whether you’re a prospective buyer or seller, I can negotiate the sale or rental agreement with the other party and ensure that the terms are favorable for you.

No matter your property preferences or the value of your home, we can help you meet your real estate goals and have a pleasant experience in the process.

For Buyers

Buying a home is complex, and with a professional Realtor there to guide you, you can feel great about the home you’re moving in to. Is that counteroffer fair? What’s this document mean and are there red-flag issues hiding in the boilerplate language? I will be right there to explain, identify issues of concern and advise you on next steps.


For Sellers

While you can sell your property on your own, it’s highly recommended to work with a real estate professional, as they have skills that have been honed through years of experience and can market your home to the right buyers through their network of personal contacts. Your agent will actually be your guide and partner in selling your house, so pick someone who clearly understands your goals and is genuinely concerned with the outcome of the selling process.


For Renters

While owning a home seems like the ultimate goal that anyone can have, not everyone can afford to buy one. A more viable option instead would be to rent, as the process is not as nerve-wracking compared to buying a home, and renting involves less upfront expenses. There’s a saying that goes, “location is everything,” and this applies equally well to those who are looking for a home to rent. 

Let's Work Together

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